Warranty Deed – Larry M Rains, Linda L Rains to Charles G Rains, Twila R Raess; Pt S1/2NE Sec 14-36N-3EBM

Warranty Deed – David Frentress, Carmen Frentress to Alana Smith; W1/2NESW NENESW Sec 25-37N-1WBM


Quick Claim Deed – Harold J Kerley to Harold J Kerley, Kim S Kerley; Lot 4 Block 3 Orofino Home Tracts

Warranty Deed – Gerald R Bonura-Trustee, Jo Anne Bonura-Trustee, Lazy-Fair Ranch Trust to Ben J. Salisbury, Shelly Salisbury; E 1/2NWSENE Sec 30-36N-5EBM Also N1/2NE Sec 30-36N-5EBM

Quick Claim Deed – Jeffery R Henson to Taylor Henson; Pt Parcel 1 & 2: Lot 3 Sec 34-37N-1EBM, Parcel 3 & 4: Pt SW Sec 34-37N-1EBM


Warranty Deed – Charles G Rains to Annie M Varnes; N1/2 90 ft E & W by 420 ft, N & S Beginning NW Corner of the Charles Cooper Acre-Lot

Warranty Deed – Chares G Rains to Annie M Varnes; Pt NWSW Sec 23-36N-3EBM

Quick Claim Deed – James A Reynolds to Sondra Louisa Burger, Sean Michael Burger; Pt N1/2 SENW Sec 2-36N-5EBM S1/2SENW Sec 2-36N-5EBM


Quick Claim Deed – Ronald L Bonner-Trustee, Karen L Bonner-Trustee, Bonner Family Trust to Christy K Bing-Trustee, Donald J Richardson-Trustee, Bing-Richardson Family Trust; Parcel 1: NWSW Sec 17-35N-4EBM Parcel 2: NWSW Sec 17-35-4EBM

Warranty Deed – Monica A Hagen–Trustee, Larradon Family Trust to Tyler D Larson, Shawnean T Lasrson; Lots 1 & 2 S1/2NE 14 Sec 3-34N-4EBM

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