Warranty Deed – Casey Bird, Jennifer Bird to Andrew David Bird; Pt Lot 1 Block 2 Konkolville addition (SESE Sec 4-36N-2EBM)

Quit-Claim Deed – Larry B Martin, Linda Pyle Martin, Larry B Martin and Linda M Martin AKA Linda Pyle to Larry B Martin, Linda Pyle Martin; Lot 3 E 40 ft. of Lot 4 Block 23 Riverview Subdivision


Quit-Claim Deed – Sherry L Schlader to Larry H Schlader, Sherry L Schlader; NESW SESW NWSW Lots 1 & 2 Sec 9-35N-3EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – Jesse Irwin, Laura Bryan to Jesse Leroy Irwin, Laura Ann Bryan Irwin; E1/2 NWSE W1/2NESE SENE Sec 4-37N-1EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – William Maison, Marciana Maison to Dale Gemmell, Rene Gemmell; Lot 5 Block 2 New Hope Subdivision

Warranty Deed - Debra Lynn Freeze to Brenda Jo Ford AKA Brenda Jo Cuddy; Undivided 1/4 interest in N1/2SW SWNE & NWSE Sec 34-38N-1WBM


Quit-Claim Deed – Beverly Ann Norris to Beverly Ann Norris, Darrell R. Norris; Pt Sec 26-37N-3EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – Beverly Ann Norris to Beverly Ann Norris, Darrell R. Norris; Pt Sec 26-37N-3EBM


Quit Claim Deed – David Umphenour to Joshua J Umphenour: SENE Sec 18-35N-5EBM

Quit-Claim Deed – Weis Towers LLC to Weis Tower LLC; W1/2SWNW Sec 2 E1/2SENE Sec 3-35N-4EBM

Warranty Deed – John A Sempek, Loriann Koostra Sempek to Branden J Allpress, Heathermarie K Allpress; Pt S1/2SW Sec 30-36N-5EBM

Warranty Deed – Gary Medley Lodging Inc to Ronald R Weller, Heather A Weller; Lot 1 block 2 River Pointe Estates


Warranty Deed – Ascension Lutheran Church to The Deyo Family Trust, Dale Deyo-Trustee, L Geraldine Deyo-Trustee; Sec 2-36N-1EBM

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