Priscilla Giddings

District 7 Representative

Priscilla Giddings

District 7 Representative Priscilla Giddings held a town hall meeting May 24 at the Ponderosa Banquet Room. Approximately 70 people were in attendance.

Giddings stated that the Idaho Legislative session recently adjourned after having been in session the longest in state history. She explained .many of the bills that did and did not pass.

One particular bill that was designed for property tax relief had 50 co-sponsors of the 105 people in the legislator. Many of the county clerks and counties were on board with this bill.  SADLY THE BILL DID NOT PASS.

Transportation – People in Idaho cannot talk on their phone while driving. One cannot use their GPS while driving unless they have talk to text. Idahoans can now drive their off road vehicles down the highway if the speed limit is under 65. So highway 12 is legal for ATV and UTV.

She mentioned about Congressman Simpson being in favor of breaching the dams. Giddings stated “there is not proof this will increase the salmon run”. The state has no authority over the breaching, but we do have political pressure. She said the legislature did send a letter to Congress (which passed on party lines) that the state was not in favor of breaching the dams.

Representative Giddings spoke about the COVID money distribution throughout Idaho. Clearwater County has not received money yet, but will get 1.7 million. District 171 will receive 1.8 million dollars.

Giddings stated she is against critical race theory and other curriculum being taught in our public schools and higher education.

She said there were 185 conservative bills that the establishment would not allow a vote on. The bills passed the house, but the senate would not vote on them. A couple of examples were requiring voter ID and post - election audits.

Representative Giddings announced at our town hall meeting that she is going to run to be Idaho’s next lieutenant governor and she encouraged everyone to get out and vote in the May 20, 2022 election.

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