Top Ten:

#59 Terry Thompson, Lewiston; 1936 Ford Pickup

#20 Terry Henry, Lewiston; 1937 Ford Coupe

#82 Ted Dahlgren, Clarkston; 1928 Ford Phaeton

#87 Bob Kesler, Lewiston; 1972 Olds 442

#74 Gary Budd, Clarkston; 1964 Pontiac GTO

#61 Mike & Judy Callahan, Lewiston; 1954 Ford F-100

#65 Kim & Tracy Clark, Dayton; 1960 Ford F-100

#34 James Morris, Winchester; 1937 Ford 77

#37 Lanny White, Orofino; 1954 Mercury Sun Valley

#46 Randy Vigiola, Orofino; 1970 Chevy El Camino

Best in Show:

#44 Bert Obenland, Pomeroy; 1936 Chevy Foreman Coupe

People’s Choice:

#42 Rick and Diane Arnett; 1935 Chevy 3-window

Mayor’s Choice:

#60 Marvin Frank, Lewiston; 1966 Chevy Chevelle

Best Motorcycle:

#100 Kent Friede, Kendrick; 2003 Big Dog Chopper

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