Funds are now available to Idaho nonprofit organizations focusing on hunger to health initiatives.

The Idaho Food Bank Fund announced the opening of their 2019 grant application process to qualified Idaho 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that provide nutrition awareness, promote healthy eating, or relieve hunger. This year the funds are specifically allocated to operate programs, purchase food, promote or provide nutrition education, expand capacity (new freezers, shelving, transportation, etc.), and/or promote access to and benefit from all of the aforementioned activities and resources for under-served and marginalized populations. General guidelines and application forms are available at The deadline to submit applications for grant consideration is midnight on July 31, 2019.

Ratified by the Idaho State Legislature in 2009, the Idaho Food Bank Fund provides financial support to Idaho nonprofits who offer food insecurity relief in their communities. A key stakeholder in establishing this grant program, The Idaho Foodbank serves as the official fiduciary agent and partners with Catholic Charities of Idaho and the Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho to administer the awards annually. Last year they provided 35 grants to organizations dedicated to solving hunger issues for Idahoans. “In Idaho one in eight adults and one in six children struggle with hunger. Organizations that serve these members of our community are often underfunded,” said Wil Gehl, CEO of Community Partnership Association of Idaho. “Grants from the Idaho Food Bank Fund are essential to these nonprofits so they can continue and improve current services; such as buying equipment to increase access to more nutritious food options,” said Gehl.

The funds for these grants come from taxpayer donations made through state tax returns filed earlier this year. “Food insecurity touches all communities in Idaho and creates a significant barrier to long-term economic stability.

Families, senior citizens, and under-served rural and immigrant communities are the most vulnerable. As such, we sincerely appreciate the generosity of Idahoans who help fund the relief efforts made possible by these crucial grants,” said Douglas Alles, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Idaho.

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