Last weekend found Dr. Harper and I once again on the lake. This was a bittersweet weekend, as it was our last for this year but also our first time making this trip together. This has commonly been a well-established “guys weekend” of fishing, food, and fun. Dennis didn’t go last year as weather was not ideal, and his longtime fishing buddy begged off the last two years as his hips have been giving him trouble. This year it was Dennis and I that set sail Thursday afternoon, with new canvas on the boat and a sense of adventure in our hearts!

This was my first experience on the lake with the water at its lowest level of the year, and I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I have to tell you it was breathtaking! There is such a different character to everything with the water down. The weather was perfect, and we were virtually the only people out for the entire weekend! We spent our days floating on a sheet of glass with the sun warming us and our nights enjoying the warmth of our campfire. Idyllic, would be the word that comes to my mind to describe those moments in time.

The point of my story I guess is that while we were out we talked a lot about what it takes to experience something like this especially from a physical perspective. It really served to highlight the need to get or remain at our peak for as long as possible in order to continue to be able to enjoy the opportunities life brings each of us to do the things we love! We don’t want to have our health become a hindrance to living life to its fullest! This will be part of our discussion in our October class on Stem Cells, Longevity, and what it takes to be our best selves.

Please join us on Tuesday Oct. 20, at 6 p.m. in the Clinic for Stem Cells, Myth, Fact and Fiction. Please call and reserve a spot as seating is limited.

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