It has been a busy couple of weeks, both at the clinic and with Dr. Harper’s trainings. Last weekend we were in Tempe, Az. For Dr. John Brimhall’s Homecoming event. Dr. Harper spoke to about 200 practitioners and treated about 40 people over the course of the weekend.

The patients have had such success with their treatments that they want him to come back to Arizona and treat them again in February.

Sunday, we rented a car and drove down to Yuma to see his mother. We spent the afternoon with her, and all enjoyed the visit very much.

Monday, very early in the morning saw us headed to the airport for our flight home.

Tuesday, was a busy day in the office seeing patients and catching up from a long weekend away. Tuesday evening, saw us with a full house for our class on “Stem Cells”. We had many return guests and some new faces as well. We heard testimonials from several patients about their experiences at our clinic and were pleased to have one of our favorite patients there from Burns, OR, who had come for treatment that day.

Dr. Harper credits her with giving him the impetus to look beyond the treatment to what is next. That is the question she asked after we got rid of her hip pain. Her comment was “ok I feel great! Now what do I do next?”

And with that question came the creation of the HRS Doctor/Patient Roadmap which turns patients into actively engaged partners in their health, giving them simple tools to precondition the body for health, vitality and provides fertile ground for treatment if necessary.

It addresses detoxifying the body, dietary changes, managing stress, fasting, and the treatment tools to age with Beauty and Grace.

Our next class will be held Feb. 18 at 6 p.m. at the clinic. Dr. Harper will be discussing several different diseases and what can be done to prevent or slow the progression and treatment options available to treat them.

Please call Christina, Emily or Briget at 208-476-3158 to reserve your spot! Seating is limited so call early!

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