Our second “Live To Be 139 class held July 30, 2019 was another full house!! Several people brought wonderful goodies to share! We had some delicious “Banana Almond Mookies”, a fabulous greens salad with pine nuts and a wonderful dressing, also a summertime favorite, sliced cucumbers! Dr. Harper made Creamy Chicken & also Creamy Kokanee Salad for the group!

The topic of discussion was ozone, what it really is and the many things it can be used for in relation to good health! Everyone got to smell several different concentrations of ozone as well. Dr. Harper gave everyone some homework to do in preparation for our next class which will be held Tuesday August 20, 2019 at 6 p.m. in the clinic. Please RSVP to Christina at 208-476-3158 to insure you have a seat, as space is limited!

Our next class will focus on Stem Cells, what they are, what they do in our bodies and what all the hype is about! In preparation for this class we would like to have everyone go to https://www.harperozone.com/pt-ed-stem-cells/ and watch the 4 part video series done by our dear friend, Dr. Asher Milgrom. It will give you some very basic information about stem cells so that you will better understand the information we will share during class!

As soon as class was over, Dr. Harper & I took off and drove to Boardman to begin the first leg of our trip to Fortuna, CA for his 45th class reunion. We made several stops along the way; Including Gold Hill, home of the “Oregon Vortex” Where mass and gravity do not always play by the rules! From there we visited the Oregon Caves where we saw many interesting natural rock formations. I have to say by far, my favorite part of the trip was the time we spent in the Redwoods! I just never tired of looking at those giants!

Thursday evening, we arrived in Crescent City, CA. Where Dennis attended grade school. He was able to reconnect with a childhood friend he hadn’t seen in over 50 years. We also got to visit with his cousin Cyndi and her family. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the much-needed break.

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