January is an extremely busy month for us here at Gem State Holistic Health. Dr Harper will be gone several weekends in January, as well as the last week of the month.

We trained an office near Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend, effectively missing “snowmageddon” here at home! We want to thank Bear Harvey for clearing the downed trees from our driveway, and Darold Stanton for plowing us out on Sunday, without you both we might have been staying in a hotel when we got home!

We will be in Phoenix the 14-17th of this month where we have eight doctors scheduled to take our training course. Traveling to different areas of the country allows us the opportunity to see what other providers are seeing in disease processes etc.

For instance, our weekend in Florida was a real eye opener. We walked away from the weekend with an entirely new appreciation of how different environments contribute to disease and the need to be flexible and willing to adapt treatment options to these situations.

We see time and again how entrenched doctors become in a single treatment modality and try to make every patient fit into that mold. In Florida we came to train a doctor and her staff in Ozone injections and some of the things we do here in the clinic. She lined up about 20 of her toughest cases for us to see while we were there.

With some very simple techniques we were able to make a huge impact on her patients’ pain levels and bring some new ideas to a practice that sees a huge Lyme population as well as a pediatric practice. We brought some fresh ideas to them that they are excited to try, and we saw some rather unexpected reactions to some treatments we use all the time in our clinic.

While Dr. Harper being gone is not ideal, the benefits to our patients with the knowledge he brings back is substantial. It gives us insight to what the rest of the country is really seeing, not just what’s on the news, and it helps us to formulate treatment options for things we aren’t accustomed to seeing on a regular basis. Having the opportunity to network with other practitioners sharpens our skills and increases our knowledge base as well!

Dr. Morris will be in the office on his regularly scheduled days while we are away. If you need something while we are away, please call the office, Katie, Bridget, & Lori, are in close contact with us and can easily relay a message to Dr. Harper.

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