Time is running out to file your 2018 Idaho state income tax return. The Idaho State Tax Commission says taxpayers who qualified for an automatic extension to file must send in their return and full payment by October 15.

“We expect to receive about 37,000 individual income tax returns in October,” Tax Commission Chairman Tom Harris said.

“This is in addition to the 854,000 returns we’ve received so far this year.”

Idaho law allows you to avoid a penalty for filing a late return if you have an extension. But you’ll still owe 5% interest on any tax that was due and not paid by April 15.

You can file income tax returns electronically, and you might qualify to file online for free. Visit tax.idaho.gov/freefile to learn more.

You also can pay taxes electronically through tax.idaho.gov/epay. The free Quick Pay option lets you make a payment without creating a Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) account.  

If you need tax help:

Visit tax.idaho.gov; Call (208) 334-7660 in the Boise area or toll free at (800) 972-7660. Go to a Tax Commission office. The Boise and Pocatello tax offices moved to new locations in 2019. Visit the Tax Commission website to find their addresses.Update your paycheck withholding.

The Tax Commission urges you to review your state and federal W-4s after you’ve filed your 2018 tax return. Ensure that you’re having the right amount of income taxes withheld from your paycheck. Visit tax.idaho.gov/w4 to learn more.

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