Dr. Harper

Dr. Harper is pictured here receiving his Speakers award from Dr. Farshchian (l) at the black-tie Awards Event in Miami, FL on May 4.

For those of you that follow us on Facebook, you know that in May Dr. Harper spoke at both the American Academy of Ozone (AAO) in Denver, flying directly to Miami where he spoke at the American Academy of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP) and conducted several workshops for the remainder of the weekend.

We were recently notified that Dr. Harper was voted the Best Speaker at the conference. A few of the comments that he received were” Best Speaker at the Conference”, “Great in the Brown Fat Injection” (This is a technique that Dr. Harper created for the administration of Biologic Allograft (aka Stem Cells, and demonstrated at the workshops!), “One of the better speakers at the conference.” This is quite an honor, considering that the speakers were from many countries and comprised of Researchers, Scientists and Physicians!

The AASCP was founded by A.J. Farshchian MD. He may best be known for coining the term Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine to characterize his groundbreaking work in the treatment of Arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. Dr. Farshchian served as the consulting Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine Physician for Team USA, Track and Field in London at the 2012 Olympics. He is the Director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Miami, Florida. The AASCP is a group made up mainly of Orthopedic Physicians using “Stem Cell” therapies in Regenerative Medicine.

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