Patterson in front of Blue Fox Theatre

Lauren Paterson, film producer of the documentary, in front of the Blue Fox Theatre in Grangeville.

Grangeville, ID -- A short documentary chronicling the 2018 levy campaign in Kamiah, Idaho will be shown at the Blue Fox Theatre in Grangeville on Sept. 25, 2021. 

Filmed and produced by local journalist Lauren Paterson, the documentary has appeared in nine festivals in the US and abroad, and selected as a finalist in four. 

Paterson moved to Kamiah with her husband Andy Martin in 2016, where Martin worked as a P.E. teacher and coach. Martin is an Orofino High School alumnus with roots in the Clearwater Valley. 

Paterson served as a substitute teacher in the Kamiah School District, and wanted to capture the controversy surrounding the levy campaign for the school. At the time, it was the first levy to be run in Kamiah five years. 

Trained as a journalist with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast & Digital Media from the University of Idaho and a master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Oregon, Paterson started filming in order to make a documentary about the levy campaign. 

The title was inspired by a comment made by a Kamiah School Board trustee, who said some community members wanted to run a school with just the basics, a term known as ‘Skeleton School.’ 

The film is free to attend, and there will be a donation basket for the Kamiah Education Foundation after the film. 

Paterson and her husband currently live in Moscow, where she works for Washington State University as a writer-editor. She continues her media consulting business where she produces creative projects as well as projects for clients. For more information, visit her website at

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