Are you ready to plant your prized tomato seeds yet? Recently, I saved the box my fried chicken came in to re-purpose as a miniature greenhouse. It was clear on top for light to shine through yet dark on the bottom for the seeds to germinate. But I knew all the time that I’ll purchase a blooming plant from a grocery store or Green Things. Another recycler gone bad, but, I had good intentions so I have a “c” grade at least, don’t I?

As I pass through the streets I see the trees and shrubs in shameless nakedness as they slumber through the life-giving showers of icy rain, but I’m getting ready for Spring when they can don the glorious colors they’re destined to so I can enjoy them again.

Enough day dreaming. We have February to look forward to first!

Our lady Christina Thompson is preparing for a wonderful cruise soon, to Hawaii with sisters Bonnie and Coral. She’s not sure of the exact date yet, or what island is chosen, but she’s ready to go!

We had a visitor, Jean Shaw, that I hadn’t met before, so we’ll get acquainted. She says she’s worked around here for a long time and knows many of us already. She’ll fit right in.

Annual business voting for officers was held with Deryl Ketchum president, Nellie Chase and Virginia Frazier sharing vice president, Lyla Myers and Chris Ketchum respectively, treasurer and secretary.

The pinochle club members met Saturday with 12 members playing. Patty Ost took first for the ladies and Sharon Lefferts second. The men showed first place to Lee Johnson who also had 300 pinochle and second to Floyd Marshall.

Found on my refrigerator door, “For the ignorant old age is as winter; for the learned, it is the harvest.” We have that choice. Which one is for you? Right now, I’m harvesting memories, and I think you are too.

Come on down! Cook’s choice for $4 is always a good choice. It’s happening this Friday!

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