The big news this week is the unfortunate and too early death of one our local boys, Pat Loseth. I think, the obituary was amply covered by TV and Lewiston news, so I won’t dwell on that. In all the years he’s been gone from here, and the roads well-traveled, (although we were both inclined to the health professions, he to anesthetics and I to nursing), he’s always been a Maniac. No matter how long the time, I was always the welcome receiver of a big bear hug and resounding smooch on the cheek wherever we met. I bid farewell to a good friend.

The obits have been working overtime lately, much to my dismay of reading of old friends, which I never thought of being of age to be removed from my address book. Sad!

There are many seniors to the meal site enjoying the fruits and veggies being brought in by friends who find out the tomatoes and squash all get ripe at once. I found a couple welcome pears and zucchini that I am thankful for. As I talked to Rose Ray yesterday, she said she can’t get enough of the fresh produce from her friends, as this is her first year of not having her own garden. She says she and Don (Carl) are well health wise, but don’t get out much.

Norm Fitzsimmons came to visit. Maggie Cram missed us in favor of a boating excursion. Bobbi Lagerquist is back with us and Marie Vanderpool is still having appointments at the optometrist.

Wanda and John’s latest grandchild had a doctor’s appointment, so our meal was overflowing with energy while the grandparents’ babysat the siblings.

One last note that bothers me---When, why and how are we changing the AVENUE? I’ve been hearing it on TV mentioned as AV, or even Ave or OV instead of the full word. Are we so rushed or illiterate that we forsake proper words anymore? My English teacher used to call such improprieties lazy spellers. It’s not slang, nor foreign, but simple laziness and disregard for the norm. Another blame to lay at the feet of the computer users?

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