So many! So many! I’ve fallen into Dr. Masar’s habit of reading the obituaries first. I was a product from the “Great Depression” and it seems so many around here were also. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few friends who also remember WWII.

We’ve been remembering rations on meat, canned food, gasoline and oil, shoes, candy, silk stockings and black markets availabilities. So many shortages. We were strong and survived, welcoming the few good things achieved like neoprene, a substitute for the rubber items we missed. Nylon for parachutes replaced silk stockings,

Pennecillin, vaccinations, women working in shipyards and air craft buildings, driving taxis, and joining armed forces; bittersweet memories that we all hope history doesn’t repeat, but…. We now pray for future generations. Remember, “No one ever really wins a war.”

Speaking of memories, Sandy Ponozzo reminded us that her mom, Doris, just celebrated her 92nd birthday. I’d like everyone to leave me their special days with dates so we can all celebrate with them. I like celebrations, don’t Ya’all?

A striking white haired lady came in, and I asked her name. Reply? “Jean, I’m Alice Hardy, don’t you remember me?” Oops. We were pretty close neighbors when I was about 20 years old, when the Stanton Tribe lived on Whiskey Creek, and our lives touched once in a while when she worked at the courthouse. Come in more often, Alice!

Christine Thompson and sisters, Coral and Bonnie, the Sawyer girls, are on the cruise to Hawaii they’ve been planning. I know, they’ll remember the details forever. We’re so happy for them. Nancy says she’s grateful for having a co-vice president so she can take a few weeks off. Virginia takes over.

Speaking of birthdays, Friday will be the day we celebrate those who have birthdays and those who have wedding anniversaries. Wanda always has a little special treat on those days.

The offered fare for this month is baked ham, baked squash, cauliflower and broccoli, carrot sticks, topped with birthday cake and ice cream. You can have all the beverage you can hold with it! You don’t have to be a member and you can be a younger visitor.

The menu is fixed but if you have special food need, like being on a diabetic diet, let Wanda know early so she can get you a substitute. If you are house-bound, delivery may be available at the same price by our great volunteers.

We also have a pinochle group that meets about 11 a.m. on Saturdays at the Senior Center building. It’s nice to bring some finger food snacks to share and enjoy before the game begins.

There were 11 this last Saturday who played. Donna Booth took first, and Donna Floyd took second place for the ladies, while Lee Johnson took first for the males, John Moxley walked out with a second place and a 300 pinochle. I miss seeing the Smith family being on this list.

A quote from Cliff, “They make a big fuss for you on the 100th birthday but the day after is just another day!”

I apologize for not being able to attend the party, but promised to be available next year for the next one. Remember that, Cliff, and I’ll wear some outrageous hat for you.

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