Wow, what a week. We had the Big Guys at the mealsite Tuesday. 15 people enjoyed the music. It was wonderful listening to and we even had a few songs we sang along with. They are such a blessing. Thank you.

The yard sale was outstanding. We had so many great donations and were happy to make these things available to the community at really great prices. There was help all the way around. Bake goods were all yummy. I managed to get peanut butter cookies and cinnamon rolls for the freezer, and jelly.

Tuesday, to our surprise, Mike Smith and his lovely wife joined us for lunch, and let us know that Dad was doing great and was coming to lunch on Friday. Just as Mike promised, we were all blessed to see Cliff Smith show up to lunch. Cliff is our oldest senior at the age of 102, of course, not looking a day older than 70. It was great to visit and catch up on the past year and a half. Hoping this is the beginning of getting everyone from Brookside back to lunch. We sure miss them.

On the second of May is the Birthday and Anniversary Celebration.

Coming Events

Orofino Gnome Hunt is May 1 and goes through May 28. The Facebook page is out with more information, but we will have an ad in the paper the week before so you can understand. Some have asked how the seniors will make money on this. Well, we won’t. It is all donated money from special seniors, not from the Orofino Senior Citizen group. Many of us just wanted to thank everyone who has been so helpful and caring about us. We decided that we need to share that gift back to the families in our community. So a fun Rock Hunt in the five parks in Orofino, and a chance to win some money developed. Take your little ones, or grandkids out for a day of Gnome Hunting. There is no Gnome hurt in the hunt, just a fun thing to do in Orofino.

First time meals are free to any senior that is visiting. Everyone is welcome. You do not have to be a senior to have lunch and visit with all of us. The charge is $5 for seniors and $6 for anyone else is the donation. Please check the paper each month for the menu (see the ad on page 2A of this week’s issue). Once again, thank you Stoddard Electric, for sponsoring the menu in the Clearwater Tribune.

Riders on the bus are picked up at their home. They enjoy a personal driver that works hard to make the trip enjoyable. After lunch they have the opportunity to go shopping, or meet other needs, before they are safely returned home. Riding the bus is a plus all the way around. Bus for Mealsite rides only is 208-553-1118.

Coast Public Transportation is a wonderful gift to Orofino, for by calling 800 967 2899 you can schedule rides to doctor appointments or other needs you might have. Most of the drivers are Orofino people who have a great knowledge of the area. All you do is call.

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