The Clearwater County Fair is here. Please join the 4H kids and leaders to celebrate a year of hard work and great results. As of this date the barns will be open so check out all of the projects that so many have done, from the young to the seniors. I have not been in Clearwater County long but I have heard nothing but good things about these programs and instructors.

Adults volunteering their time to give the kids a hand on learning experience is wonderful. Thanks to all who are involved.

Our meal site is once again averaging about 20, but the laughter and story telling keeps spirits high, and we are hoping all will join with us again soon. Before meals we sometimes have guests that are learning music, such as piano or some other instrument, and just want to play in front of a small audience for practice.

We love music and would love to be the place you start before that big break.

Menus are in the paper for each month thanks to Stoddard Electric, and we can’t thank them enough for this gift.

We also want to let Brookside Landing know how much we appreciate their announcements of the meals on Tuesdays and Fridays on KLER. Everyone’s help makes the task easier. Thank you.

Our raffle is coming together and the jams and jelly are arriving weekly at the center. A new peach jam came in so we bought one and shared it around the table.

Our conclusion is that it tasted like peach cobbler. We were all talking about what it could be used for. One came up with the perfect use – ice cream was the best choice.

Jams and jelly are for sale every Tuesday or Friday between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., at the Senior Center. Come on by and you can even stay for lunch.

Bus rides to the meal site do not cost you anything and you have the opportunity to enjoy the ride with friends, old and new. After the meal, just ask, and your driver is willing to take you to the store, post office, and drug store before delivering you home. Call this number for meal site rides only: 208-553-1188.

Coast Public Transportation is available to get you to and from appointments, here in Orofino, or elsewhere, but you must call in advance to get set up with the driver. 800-967-2899.

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