Wow! What a Bake Sale and Christmas Craft Sale. The community really came out for us and you do not know how much that means to us.

I think the best part was when we saw Audrey and Nellie come in and how people responded to them.

Education is a big thing in this town and teachers are remembered. They met so many of their old students, and Mr. Chase helped, and they had to tell Nellie.

What fun to once again see friends and family. The event was a great success and to just say thank you does not seem enough, but THANK YOU!

We still have lots of jelly and jam left, plus green tomato relish. Stop by on any Tuesday or Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and we’ll fill you a bag.

This last week we were visited by Community Action Partnership about things that might be happening in the Senior Community and how they might need help.

Marco Ortiz is on Education (208)798-4198.

Laura Long BS is also on Specialist Ed. At the same number.

Mona Jack is in Adult Protection (208) 798-4179 and her helper is Alyssa Hallman. They help deal with any problem that may be happening at your living place, home or just out and about.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to call one of the numbers above and they may be able to help you.

Menus are in the paper for each month thanks to Stoddard Electric. We need to thank them in person.

Brookside Landing makes sure the menus are announced on Tuesday and Friday on KLER, a gift to us all from both of you for your caring hearts.

Bus rides to the meal site cost nothing and afford an opportunity to ride with friends, new and old. The driver needs you to communicate if you have a need to go to the post office, grocery store or drug store. Call (208) 553-1118 for meal site rides only.

Coast Public Transportation is available for appointments, in Orofino, as well as other places. You must call in advance to set up your ride with the driver. Call (800) 967-2899.

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