IMPORTANT NOTE: Area Agency for Aging has found some money and we will be going back to allowing home delivery people to buy on Tuesday up to an extra five meals for the week. We are very excited about the return to meal deliveries.

We sure could tell it was a holiday weekend. Only 18 came to the meal site. But we did have guests from Weippe. They are always so faithful to come to lunch if they have things to do in town.

We were also able to get two boxes of books to the Weippe Library for their upcoming sale.

Our guest was Tammy Northcutt. She and her husband are the pastors of the Baptist Church in Pierce. They love the area and do not plan on moving on soon.

Friday was birthday and anniversary meal with only one birthday. That was a lovely lady who made me feel right at home when we moved to town, Nellie Chase. It was fun teasing her about being an Okie, since that is her state of birth.

Well, it is that time of year when we are getting together our items for our main money maker, the Pancake Breakfast, the Christmas Bake/Gift sale, and the Christmas Raffle. We had a scaled down the one last year but are hoping to get out and find some great prizes this time. If you are interested in doing something, or have a donation, please let us know so we can get it picked up. Ticket sales for the raffle will begin Nov. 1 and go through to Dec. 10. We will have people get in touch if you need some tickets as it gets closer. Call 208-790-2059.

We have started jelly and jam making, plus soups and pancake mixes since they are easy to mail. We have had some ship as far as China, and as close as a gift for a neighbor. We meet all needs.

We would like to thank those who brought berries, rhubarb and peaches to the senior center. It will not go to waste.

We have an office space available for rent. The best part about it is that you are welcome to lunch with us every Tuesday and Friday at noon for only $6 donation (for those under 65). Please contact us, if you need to rent a space, at 208-790-2059.

Fellowship and music (if we have guests) starts at 11:30 a.m. and is followed by lunch at 12 noon. Senior lunch is $5, younger pay $6. You can check the menu each month at the last week in the Clearwater Tribune (sponsored by Stoddard Electric).

Bus rides to the meal site are available at 208-553-1188 – no cost – and you can ask the driver to take you to the store, post office, drug store.

For other transportation Coast Public Transportation can take you to your appointments here locally, and further out. Call 800-967-2899.

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