This town is amazing, after being closed down for so long, it has sprung alive with something every weekend in to September. Show & Shine was amazing, it was great to see cars and trucks that were designed not to look like the one sitting next to it. Thank you for all the work that went into the event. Tuesday was the Farmers Market, then on Saturday and Sunday this coming week, we have “Praise in the Park” starting at 10 a.m., involving most of the churches in our area. Did you hear on Friday at the meal site, that the Big Guys will be first on stage? Sounds like a wonderful weekend of great music. All this is happening in Orofino City Park.

Meals this week were amazing and more food than one can eat, so you can always get a “to go” bag and enjoy a snack later in the day. Tuesday we had 24 people and on Friday there were 30 of us with the help of Cliff Smith’s family. We were so happy to have so many join us.

KLER, our local radio station, has been a great friend of the Senior Citizens in our area, and with the help of Brookside, we have the menu on the radio both Tuesday and Friday. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Brookside for their kindness. We again would like to welcome all of Brookside back to meal site.

Every Tuesday and Friday from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. we will have jams and jellies on sale for $3.50 a jar. We like to thank everyone for the jelly jars, we have more than enough. Just drop by, have lunch with us and pick up your sweet treats. Lunch is for all seniors, plus any guest that would like to show up, all donations are gratefully received.

Thank you Stoddard Electric for making sure menus are in the paper each month, your kindness is overwhelming.

Our Senior Center is also available to use for family events, or Memorial Fellowship or anything else you might need a big room and possible kitchen. (No stairs!) Call the Orofino Senior Center or (208) 790-2059. We still have office space available on Michigan Ave., with a choice of one or two rooms, and we’re right next door to the elementary school.

Bus rides are available for you to ride in air conditioning with new friends. The driver will stop if you need to go to the store, Post Office, drug store before you are delivered home, PLEASE ASK. Call this number for meal site rides only – (208) 553-1188.

Coast Public Transportation is available to get you to and from appointments, here in Orofino or anywhere else, but you must call in advance to get set up with the driver. (800) 967-2899.

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