Wow, what a week! First our prayers go out for all who are in fire zones in town, the surrounding area, and all our brave firefighters in the air and on the ground.

We had 22 people come to the Meal Site on Tuesday, which was a wonderful BBQ burger with all the trimmings. The cook at the BBQ was Roger Myere.

Newcomers were Sandy and Malcolm Del. Although they have been in the area since the 90’s they have just moved into town. It was nice for her and Gloria Cleto to have a reunion here at the site.

On Friday Brookside arrived by bus and eight very missed people were welcomed home. Vern Lee, Deena and Jim Irby, Charlotte Hammand, Joe Davis, Vera Pederson, Ruth Root and George Miller. We had 30 people at lunch! It was our birthday meal and there were six birthdays in July.

You do not have to be a senior to come to the Meal Site. Everyone is welcome at $5 for seniors and $6 donation for others. You can get the menu each month from the Clearwater Tribune the last week of the month. Thank you to sponsor Stoddard Electric for our menu.

Bus to the Meal Site is available for seniors only by calling 208-967-1118. After lunch seniors can get a ride to shop, go to the drug store, or post office and then are delivered safely home.

Coast Public Transportation is available by calling 800-967-2899 to schedule rides to doctors appointments and other needs.

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