Sorry the pinochle party held Dec. 30 was not reported soon enough to get it published in last week’s paper, so it is being reported a week late.

On Dec. 30 nine seniors gathered at the senior center for the potluck pinochle party. Cliff Smith had high score for the men and John Mosley had second high score for the men. Mary Margret Davis had high score for the ladies. Shirley Johnson had both the second high score for the ladies and won the three hundred pinochle prize.

Fay Gilkey celebrated her 95th birthday Jan. 1! Her son and his family took her to Lewiston for dinner to celebrate.

A large crowd attended the dinner celebrating January anniversaries and birthdays last Friday, Jan. 5, at the senior center.

A continuation of the celebration of Fay Gilkey’s 95th birthday took place at the senior center in conjunction with the regular January meeting – celebrating anniversaries and birthdays.

Seniors celebrating birthdays were Virginia and Jesse Ellsworth, Ken Peterson and Marie Vanderpool. According to records there weren’t any anniversaries to celebrate. Fay Gilkey was also celebrating her birthday, a continuation of the celebration started earlier with her family. Her caregiver prepared a gift for each senior, consisting of a beautiful paper napkin and some cookies. Thank you Bernadette DeSantos, you took care of all of us!

Seniors were happy to welcome Curtis and Janice Berry to dinner at the senior center last Friday.

A very good meal was served in celebration of anniversaries and birthdays. We thank our cook and helpers, we especially enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

Deryl and Chris Ketchum went to Utah to spend Christmas with kids and grandkids. The roads were good and they had a wonderful time.

Our best healing wishes to Nellie Chase. She was in Boise recently and while out-of-doors she lost her balance and fell. Her right shoulder took the brunt of the fall. She is healing very well and hopefully she will be back to normal soon.

Eight seniors attended the potluck pinochle party last Saturday afternoon at the senior center. Virginia Ellsworth had high score for the ladies and John Mosley had high score for the men. Mary Margret Davis had second high score for the ladies. Cliff Smith had second high score for the men and also won the three hundred pinochle prize. A good time was had by all!

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