Sure seems like spring to me! My sister in Oregon City says her lilac and maples are budding out already, an unheard of occurrence. I’m just hoping the creek stays in its bed this year; but I hear rolling rocks out there.

First of all I owe our vice president, Nellie Chase, an apology for calling her the wrong name last week. I don’t know how on earth I could have done that, but I did.

I am sad to report that we lost two of our ladies last week when Doris Haley and Evelyn Ploharz passed on to another life. It was too early and a surprise to have to say goodbye to them. Doris Haley’s memorial is on Feb. 23 at 2 p.m. at the Methodist Church.

Our friend, Christine Thompson, hasn’t returned home yet from her Hawaiian cruise, but I know she’ll have a lot to tell us. I have likened their double-meaning word Aloha to a hug. A hug can mean “I’m so glad to see you,” “I’m so sorry you have troubles,” “I’m so sorry you have no one to tell those worries to,” “ I’m so glad your wishes are coming true for you,” and “ I am so happy to see you again, please keep in touch.”

An Aloha in another word, so comforting in greeting or in parting. In Hawaii, Aloha means hello and goodbye. So do hugs.

Christine also has a birthday this month as did Kenny Coon, Shirley Seeley, Sandy Ponozzo, Bob Montambo and Bonita Potratz. Birthday cake for all in their honor.

The pinochle club had 12 players; Dianna Marshall was first woman, Donna Booth in second. Donna also had a 300 pinochle. Floyd Marshall was first in men while Bill Booth came in second.

They say if the years don’t tell on a woman, the neighbors will!

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