Most of the senior citizens that come to the meals are very happy to see the snow begin to disappear so we are able to get out. Puzzles and books get a bit old after a week or two! Also, as we get older, we love to visit and check on old friends to make sure everyone is fine.

This past Tuesday was music by the Big Guys. It was wonderful and we asked for more, but Wanda said it was time to eat. Thank goodness we have someone in charge.

Lunch was a belated Birthday Dinner and was great. We had 22 of the seniors join us.

Friday started a bit slow because the snow in some areas was very wet making for slow driving, but, by noon we had 20 people.

We like to thank all those who came to the aid of the Senior Community. We are so thankful for all the hard work that was done to clean streets, shovel walks, and for those who made phone calls to check in on us. Orofino is one of the friendliest towns I have ever lived in. SO, THANK YOU ALL.

We wish to thank the Clearwater Canyon Pharmacy for paying for the menus each month in the Clearwater Tribune. We are pleased with their gift to the seniors in our community. Thank you to KLER for announcing the menu every Tuesday and Friday and Brookside Landing for sponsoring it.

Coming to Senior Meal Site safely in this bad weather is just a phone call away. Our bus driver is very experienced and can get you to lunch on time.

After meals you can do that shopping you have not gotten done, go to the Post Office, or the drug store before you are delivered home. 208-553-1118 is for Meal Site rides only.

Coast Public Transportation is available to get you to and from appointments, here in Orofino, or farther away, but you must call in advance to get set up with the driver. 800-967-2899.

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