Crime In Clearwater County is a monthly column that features articles that have appeared in earlier editions of the Clearwater Tribune. This month’s feature first ran in the June 14, 1984, issue.The story is reprinted as it first appeared, including grammatical and spelling errors.

Thieves broke into the Clearwater Club Saturday night and emptied a safe and several coin machines, taking about $1150, according to Police Chief Jim Pishl. Also missing were six quarts of whiskey valued at $44.95. The investigation is continuing.

Also under investigation is a report by Chuck Brumley that his Chihuahua was found dead, apparently of a gunshot wound. Brumley found the animal at the top of Dewey Ave., Pishl said.

Police apprehended two juveniles who had knocked windows out of the unoccupied BC apartments at State Hospital North.

Under investigation by police is the disappearance of Idaho Correctional Institute sign from its location on HWY 7. The sign had been used to point the way to the women’s prison.

The following reports are under investigation by Sheriff’s deputies:

Linda Jennings reported that someone ran into the gas pumps at the Headquarters Store at Headquarters.

Jerry Rumsey reported a tool box stolen from his pickup parked in the Key Bar Parking lot in Pierce.

Andre Molsee reported someone driving on the Elk River football field making sharp turns and causing damage.

Cecil Weddle reported a 900 lb. horse valued at $750 was hauled away from his Squaw Creek Camp by two males.

Richard Paananen reported a shed broken into at the old Pierce Elementary School and items taken from his boat.

A length of hose was cut from the faucet at Jean’s Conoco at Elk River. Suspects were apprehended and the hose recovered.

Four bath towels were removed from a room at Elk Butte Log Inn in Elk River. The towels were recovered.

C.B. Starkey of McFarland Pole Co. reported a window shot out of the unused office building at the old Carney pole yard at Ahsahka.

Sometime during the night someone vandalized a cement deer statue in the front yard of Dallas Marshall in Pierce. Damage was estimated at $50 when the antlers were broken off the deer.

Evelyn Ploharz reported the door latch on a video machine was broken and money was taken in a break-in at Timberline Café in Weippe.

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