This month’s Crime In Clearwater County was first printed in the June 11, 1959 issue of the Clearwater Tribune.

Two commuted prison terms and four deferred sentences for misdemeanors were meted out this week to wind up early phase of a Weippe theft outbreak that had caused much concern among laws enforcement officers.

Orbie Wells pleaded guilty to grand larceny for the theft of a 10 h.p. motor from Loren Thomson and was sentenced to six months in the county jail beginning Wednesday. The penalty was commuted from an indeterminate prison term up to 14 years, given by Judge Jack McQuade. Wells supplied information that enabled the recovery of a considerable quantity of stolen goods.

Wells is concurrently serving two 30-day sentences for involvement with other groups in theft of some CTPA blankets and for theft of pigs from Henry Mitchell.

Moil Chapman, father of seven children, ages 1 to 9, was sentenced to 90 days in the county jail on a similar commuted prison term for theft of three batteries from Lonnie Hornsby. He is also doing 30-days for his part in the pig theft.

Meanwhile Justice Howard Brundage acted on recommendation of Prosecutor Ralph Haley and postponed sentence on four other Weippe residents charged with misdemeanor larceny. Each posted $100 bond and will appear on Nov. 2 to get final disposition.

Posting the bonds are Ed White in the pig theft; and Coy Clarke, Chet Appleton and Muril Akkerman in the blanket case. The court said it was a first offense for all of the young men.

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