Crime In Clearwater County is a monthly column that features articles that have appeared in earlier editions of the Clearwater Tribune. This month’s feature first ran in the July 31, 1969, issue.The story is reprinted as it first appeared, including grammatical and spelling errors.

A local woman arraigned in week-end shooting.

Mrs. Dave (Evelyn) Daniels, 60, of Orofino was arraigned Monday by Probate Judge John D Loseth on a charge of attempted murder in the week-end shooting of another woman.

The court appointed Samuel F Swayne to act as her attorney and she is in Clearwater county jail in lieu of $2,500 bond. Preliminary hearing is pending.

Mrs. Daniels, a domestic worker, is charged with the shooting of Miss Nadine Bloodsworth, 21, Friday night at the Daniels ranch eight miles northeast of Orofino on Whiskey creek.

Miss Bloodsworth was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital at Lewiston on Friday with a gunshot wound in her left foot, below the ankle. At that time, she told Nez Perce County deputy sheriffs Walt Heitmann and Ken Russell that she had been picking huckleberries near the Daniels ranch and had accidentally shot herself with a rifle she had taken along in case she encountered bears.

Russell said that in talking with him Saturday, however, she told him that Mrs. Daniels had shot her, and forced her to tell the story of the accident, and had brought her to Lewiston to the hospital several hours after the shooting.

Russell contacted Clearwater County Prosecutor Ralph Haley and Sheriff Leroy Altmiller, and the three talked with Miss Bloodsworth again.

Charges were brought against Mrs. Daniels Saturday night and she was arrested later in the evening at Orofino by Deputy Sheriff Rhoda Hunter.

Russell said he had become suspicious that there was more to the shooting than merely an accident because of the nature of the wound. According to doctor’s reports to the sheriff’s office, the bullet entered Mess Bloodsworth’s left below the ankle bone and emerged on the opposite side at about the same level.

He said that it was when he questioned her a second time that she accused Mrs. Daniels of having shot her.

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