CMPL Expansion

The foundation has been poured for the expansion of the children’s area at the Clearwater Memorial Public Library. Get your tickets for this week’s Oktoberfest at the High Country Inn, a fundraiser to help raise funds for this expansion project.

Trustees of Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) discussed the national trend for Fine-Free Libraries at their Sept. 9 meeting. CMPL has become a fine-free library.

John Goffinett presented the CMPL Audit report for 2017. Goffinett discussed the IRS changes for this year and reviewed the report and the conclusions.

Scott McDonald was introduced as a candidate and unanimously accepted for the vacancy left by trustee Josh Morris.

Director’s report

By Cleo Castellanos

August statistics remain strong despite patron vacations and a three-day interruption of internet services, due to equipment malfunction.

First Step replaced the outdated equipment and service was restored.

Emily Sitz came to visit and brought her volume of the H.W. Wilson collection. The non-fiction core collection volume is a guide for librarians.  The guide is divided into bibliographic data, cross referenced by author, genre, and title. Our present use will be in weeding our non-fiction collection; an example of use is if we have 20 books for World War I.

The question arises “Which shall we keep?” Reviewing each book for circulation history and genre or author tells us which author or title is on the recommended list. This methodical review through the Dewey System will also disclose gaps in our collection and/or need for updates as well as purchase recommendations. The actual decision is of course local.

Valnet membership annual dues are determined by the number of holding and the number of patrons.  CMPL has kept the dues steady thus far because of methodical weeding or removing from circulation items like 1920s-2016 bound volumes of National Geographic. Volumes are still here.

The Friends of the Library donated funds so CMPL could purchase the Children’s and the Middle and Junior High core collection.   It is a critical area that needs upgrading to give children the knowledge they will need in these changing times.

A large number of patrons/Clearwater County residents have been touring the new construction.  They are reminded that they are “part-owners” and that no tax money has been used: just built on donation and affection.

Summer reading attendance has morphed into a marked increase in theWeekly Story Time sessions.  Krista has begun to schedule two sessions on Fridays. We have outgrown our space and look forward to Phase III; extension and remodeling of the children’s area.

Foundation report

Jo Moore received the $20,000 check from the Steele-Reese Foundation.

Oktoberfest will be the next fund raising event Sept. 28 and 29.

Construction on the Children’s section began Sept. 16.

Election of officers

A motion was made to retain the current slate of officers and Jo Sharrai serve as a mentor to Eric and Scott for the next year.

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