A look into the Past

Bill Smith

“A Tribune Look into the Past” is a monthly feature series consisting of interesting past articles published in the Clearwater Tribune.

Most spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been left as they originally appeared.

This month’s article was taken from the Clearwater Tribune, April 27, 1972

See picture above: Maniac on a Maniac—New Orofino High School Maniac mascot is being stenciled on shirts by O’Club members as a money-making project. Bill Smith, senior from Ahsahka, modeled his shirt in return for being excused from class. The emblem was designed by a Montana artist. The little character is cheering this team with maniacal enthusiasm. *

This month’s article was taken from the Clearwater Tribune, May 20. 1976.

Senior Citizen of the month of the Gold Duster Senior Citizens is Stella Stewart.

When Stella started to school in Lapwai, she rode a horse to school for the first three grades. When she was nine the family moved to Mabton, Wash., by covered wagon. When Stella was sixteen, the family moved back to Lapwai.

Stella and her husband, Leonard, were high school sweethearts, but what a time Mr. Stewart had getting Stella to marry him. It took 3 tries to get her to the altar. The first time, he went after her, she couldn’t be found. The second time, they got to the judge too late but the third time, Aug 10, 1927, they were married and remained so for 43 years.

During their early years Leonard earned a living as a policeman for the city of Lapwai. Stella has 6 children, fourteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

In Stella’ high school days she played baseball and played the position of guard on basketball teams.

Stella has lived in her present home at Pierce since 1937.*

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