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CONSTRUCTION POSSIBLE-A $10,000 check from Potlatch Corp. came just in time to save a 300 sq. ft. section for the new addition to Clearwater Memorial Public Library that was to be eliminated because of the lack of funds. Norm Litton, Clearwater Unit Manager, Headquarters, made the presentation accompanied by Jack M. Gruber, Public Affairs Manager, Northwest Region, Potlatch Corp. Clearwater County Commissioner X.E. Durant and former Librarian Suzanne Calhoun went to Potlatch Corp. last summer to request the donation, but work of Potlatch’s decision was received only recently. Pictured at the presentation, left ot right, are Durant, Trustee Treasurer Mary Lou Cummings, Librarian Peggy Flowers, Trustee Chairman Bob Spencer, Trustee Vice-Chairman Lois Brock, Litton, Gruber, and Trustee Maurice Pare’.

“A Tribune Look into the Past” is a monthly feature series consisting of past articles published in the Clearwater Tribune.

Most spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been left as they originally appeared.

This month’s article was taken from the Clearwater Tribune March 8, 1984.

The Clearwater Memorial Public Library’s building fund received a big boost Thursday when Potlatch Corporation’s representatives, Jack Gruber and Norm Litton, presented the chairman of the board, Bob Spencer, with a check for $10,000.

This check came at a critical time, as a decision had to be made on whether to eliminate a 300 sq. foot section from the original plan. With this amount of new money, the board decided to leave this 300 sq. ft. in the plan.

Wind River Construction Co. was the low bidder on the project, and they plan to begin construction the first week of March.

The need for additional space at the library has been growing in the past few years. A big jump in new patrons was seen in January and February, with over 55 new registrations each month. The number of items checked out is steadily increasing, with two new records set in February with over 350 items checked out in one day.

Friends of the Library are now planning a fundraiser to help purchase the necessary stacks and furniture for the addition. As the funds are available, the furnishings will be added.

The new area will house the adult fiction section, both hardback and paperback. There will be a reading area with comfortable chairs to further accommodate the patrons. One wall will be used as an art gallery where members of the Clearwater Art Association will display their work.

The present children’s room will be moved into the main room, as will all junior magazines. This will give the children a more naturally lighted area near the front windows.

The adult magazine room will remain unchanged. A study area and all non-fiction material will be placed in the present fiction room. These changes will allow more space for future growth in each area.

June, 1984 Opening

The plans for this addition were started last spring. With the purchase of the adjoining property last summer, the plans were put into motion, and if all goes as scheduled, the new area should be open to the public by June 1984.

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