“A Tribune Look into the Past” is a monthly feature series consisting of interesting past articles published in the Clearwater Tribune.

Most spelling, grammar, and punctuation have been left as they originally appeared.

This month’s article was taken from the Clearwater Tribune, Sept. 13, 1984

An idea that was born roasting marshmallows around the campfire has grown into an industry for Bob Holzer, who invented the Roll-a-roaster and for Daryl Spiegelberg, who is helping market the product.

The two men told Orofino Chamber of Commerce members about their product with a slide show last week.

Holzer displayed the different designs that were built before settling on the current telescoping fork with a rotating handle. The Orofino man also designed a number of machines used in production of the fork, including a unit to attach the fork to the tip. It takes 11/2 minutes to put the fork together. All components are pre-formed.

Speigelberg said the forks were initially sold through the Patchwork Bazaar. They have been advertised for mail order in several magazines with Warming Trend the first magazine to offer the product.

Recently Kraft put out 9 million marshmallow bags with an offer to sell Roll-a-Roaster for a price with bag labels. Spiegelbert estimates that offer will generate 13,000 orders for the fork. Armour Star Franks have also expressed interest in a similar offer.

The pair are currently making contacts to other marketing organizations and such national organizations as Boy Scouts of America for marketing arrangements.

A wholesale company, Jensen-Byrd, has expressed interest in offering the fork through their company. *

Bruce Bade of Camp America, Inc., unveiled a new travel trailer made by his company in Orofino and gave Chamber members tours of the new unit following the meeting.

The trailer was designed by Caroline Bade and her daughter, Mrs. Sam Rackham. This first prototype was built under the direction of the men, Bade and Rackham.

It sleeps four and features a dinette that converts into a double bed and two bunk beds. It is fully self-contained with shower and abundant storage.

It has formica counters, stainless steel sink, three burner range, refrigerator, extra interior, lighting.

The tongue weight dry is 140 pounds. It has 30-gallon water capacity and 30 gallon grey water capacity. This 17-foot camper is 85 inches wide with exterior clearance of 92 feet.

The interior height is six feet with 90 sq. ft. of interior space. *

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