In order to protect our animals and volunteers we will not be accepting any blankets, comforters, dog beds or any type of linens due to Covid-19. We do need cat (canned) food and dry dog food (unopened). We have to cancel one of our large fundraiser because of Covid-19. This has a large impact directly affecting our ability to care for, feed the animals, and provide veterinary care. Please donate to help us help them during this crisis. Kitten season is fast approaching and we need foster homes. We will be overwhelmed with kittens, but this year will be worse than in the past. Please call 208-476-9823 to volunteer to foster. Thank you for helping and caring.

Lost Cats

Mouzer, three year old black neutered male cat with long hair went missing a couple weeks ago from the apartments behind Builders Supply on 129th street.  He is microchipped, has green eyes and is very friendly.  If you have this cat or have seen this cat please call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823.

Prince, neutered male cat with black and grey long hair went missing at Pink House RV park on Hwy 12 on Sept. 7. Had to evacuate due to the Sunnyside Bench fire. They are devastated and want to get their precious cat back. If you have this cat or have seen this cat please call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823.

Lost Dogs

Max, a, black body with tan on his face, eyebrows, chest, legs, etc, German Shepherd/Husky X with short coat wearing a bright red collar but no pet ID tags went missing from 4 miles up Sunnyside Bench Road from the Lenore Post Office (Cavendish Road area) on Sept. 6. If you have seen this dog or have this dog please call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823.

Cooper, went missing from Lower Wells Bench Road near the ranchettes, off Dent Road, on Saturday June 18. Cooper is a 15 year old Shi Tzu/Poodle X. He is white with dark ears and face and grey on the muzzle. He is on heart medication. He can’t see or hear and is timid and frightens easily. His left front leg turns out also. He was groomed 1 1/2 to 2 weeks ago. Cooper’s owner is frantic and devastated and looking for his little buddy.  If you have seen this dog or have this dog please call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823.

For Adoption

Indy, 4 1/2 month old male kitten. Very sweet and good with other cats. For more information call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823.

Ivy, 4 1/2 month old female kitten. Sweet and good with other cats. For more information call Clearwater Humane Society at 208-476-9823

Desperately Needed

We need kitten and cat food right now so that we have help caring for our cats and kittens until we find their forever homes.

We need large stainless steel bowls for water. We also need treats for training. Small milk bones and other tasty treats are great.

We need towels to bathe our dogs and cats. Please don’t throw your old towels away—we will put them to good use.

***We need nylabones and tug toys for the dogs/puppies and toys for our cats/kittens right now ***

You can drop all donations of food, toys, blankets, etc. at Orofino Builders Supply. Steve, Leila, and Will Crockett continue to be animal lovers and great supporters.

Read this if you shop on

Do you shop on If so, did you know you can donate to us every time you make a purchase—at no extra cost to you?

Amazon has a charity donation version of their website, at If you visit and log in to your account, you will be prompted to choose a charity. We are under Clearwater Humane Society Ltd.

Once your charity is chosen, as long as you shop at—which looks and runs exactly like regular—0.5% of every purchase you make will automatically be sent to us. There is zero extra cost to you!

Best of all, if you forget and go to regular, Amazon will remind you, and ask you if you’d like to continue shopping at

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Find us on Facebook

We now have a Facebook page, where we post information about animals we have for adoption, strays/lost and found animals, and also updates on our events, fundraisers, and much more. You can even donate to us right from the page!

Search on Facebook for Clearwater Humane Society, and like our page to stay updated. You’ll know you’ve found ours when you see the banner of Sherrie and Trooper across the top.

Our policy on strays

All stray dogs and cats are scanned for a microchip, vaccinated upon arrival for their safety and the safety of the other dogs and cats. They are also neutered and spayed on the sixth (6) day. All costs are the responsibility of the owner claiming the dog or cat. Strays are held for five (5) days and then are for adoption.

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