There was an excellent evening presentation by John Bradbury on Nov. 12, at the new museum on the origins of logging in the Clearwater region. Early timber barons, horse logging, railroads, flumes and river drives on the North Fork were all covered. Interesting and personal touches were added by John, who had spent his childhood in Headquarters. It was an enjoyable and well attended evening.

The museum has been hosting several classes from the elementary school in the past few weeks. Three kindergarten classes, three first grade classes, and three second grade classes have been on field trips to learn about history in Clearwater County.

The teachers who brought their students are Mrs. Daryl Carper, Mrs. Leah Steinbruecker, and Mrs. Tama Naden, all Kindergarten teachers; Mrs. Lisa Hanna, Mrs. Lacey Chaffee, and Mrs. Edna Brewer all teachers of grade 1; and Mrs. Janice Peltier, Mrs. Melissa Gray, and Mrs. Pam Updaul, teachers of grade 2.

A total of 155 students from the public school have visited. Additionally, ten home schooled students have also visited the museum.

The museum welcomes any group to come see all of the great exhibits. Please call 208-476-5033 to make arrangements.

Outside projects have been put on hold for the winter months, but active work is being done inside on inventory and exhibits. The museum will be closed on Nov. 28–29 for Thanksgiving.

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