The Chamber of Commerce would like to inform the community about the latest scam that is going around. Someone is impersonating the chambers name and other local businesses names and are sending “invoices” with an attached link. DO NOT click on the link!

Just to clarify for some: I, NOR ANY OTHER VICTIM ARE HACKED. Our emails are not hacked, our websites are not hacked. This is someone impersonating our email. Anyone can use a name or type an email address into the content of an email... This is something I can’t stop... They however cannot use my email.

Please follow these steps from Stephanie Deyo, owner of WebInk Designs, to help protect yourself:

1) Never open an email, or click on any links from an email that YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE.

You need to double check the “from” email address that is generated electronically...

If you do not recognize. DO NOT OPEN.

Anyone can use ANY name typed into an email... but they cannot reproduce an email address that is already generated by an email program.

CHECK who it is from before you click!!! For Example: The email that appears to be using my name is: <<>>>

Every email program offers the below layout.

Use it to protect yourself!!!


From: Orofino Chamber of Commerce <di*****>

To: Jane Doe <>

Date: Feb 4, 2020, 11:37 AM

Subject: Month End




2) Please call the Orofino Police department to report these emails. Unfortunately we cannot do anything to stop this.

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