This topic is far from black and white, yet the answer is simple, YES most definitely food choices can either help heal you or cause you grave harm! There are many things to consider when looking at food and basic health. Everything from your genetic makeup (heritage) to where you live, your current health status, your current rate of degeneration, mental, emotional, physical and environmental status as well as your attitude toward food play into the dynamic. This plus possible delays in immune response from foods make it difficult to sort out without a battery of different tests and trial and error.

At Harper Chiropractic we try to keep things safe, easy and highly effective. To do this we encourage everyone to begin with the Metabolic Diet, which eliminates many problem foods like wheat, grains, dairy, sugars and processed foods. By beginning here, we can begin to establish a baseline designed to reduce inflammation by elimination of dairy products, address leaky gut symptoms through the elimination of wheats and grains, and reduce blood sugar levels, allowing the body to reboot itself. We have a basic battery of staple supplements that everyone should be taking, we tend to be very conservative in this area, recommending only things that are essential to everyone for optimal functioning.

For those with food, chemical and environmental sensitivities, again there are two approaches that can be taken. Here at the clinic Dr. Josh Morris heads our LDA program (Low Dose Antigen) Therapy. LDA is a type of Allergy treatment which utilizes minute doses of allergy causing substances. These substances are administered in very small amounts every two months.

This method of allergy treatment has several benefits; 1st-it eliminates the need for extensive and expensive allergy testing done in a traditional medical setting. We have all no doubt heard of the dreaded “scratch tests”. With LDA therapy allergens are grouped into categories, food, chemical, and environmental antagonists. 2nd- the low rate of risk associated with such minute doses of these substances virtually eliminates the risk of suffering an anaphylactic reaction which can be life threatening; versus traditional allergy treatment which exposes you too much larger quantities of allergens and then have you wait a minimum of 30 minutes to insure that you will not develop anaphylaxis. 3rd-the LDA Therapy is designed specifically to encourage your body to develop natural immunity over the course of time eventually allowing the body to produce its own antigens reducing or eliminating the need for booster therapy. The other option would be to undergo the “scratch” allergy battery of tests or extensive laboratory blood tests which would give you very specific data.

There will be a percentage of the population that will need or desire more individualized management to address some specific issues. For those that require or desire an individual treatment plan Dr. Nico will be happy to guide you in your journey to your best self!

Yours in good health.

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