Yes, yours truly, Bald Eagle likes ‘taters and eggs. Sure, I have other things for breakfast, but potatoes, sliced, diced, or shredded and fried, along with fried eggs is my favorite. Annie says she gets tired of ‘taters and eggs.

When Annie makes breakfast its mush on Mondays, and then the menu can be anything the rest of the week. Oatmeal and water; throw it in the microwave and make paste. It might be okay for hanging wall paper but, “gag!” it’s hard to choke down. I don’t say a word. I thank Annie for breakfast and I do the dishes. Bald Eagle knows on what side the toast is buttered, although I don’t’ eat toast.

I don’t eat toast because I’m gluten intolerant. So, when Annie makes hot cakes, flap jacks or whatever you call them, they’re made with a mixture of rice and other gluten free flours. Gluten free hot cakes aren’t bad if you like soggy cardboard. Just add more butter and syrup.

So, several times a week I’ll make breakfast and we will have ‘taters and eggs along with bacon or perhaps ham if we have it. Annie eats her breakfast, ‘taters included, thanks me for it and sometimes she does the dishes.

When I offer to buy breakfast at the local café, or have breakfast when we’re traveling, I’ll order ‘taters and eggs. Annie will order…’taters and eggs.

Maybe there’s a message here?

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