Orofino Business Center Expansion

The construction of the first wall at the Orofino Business Center expansion project began Monday.

In November we learned about a couple of neat resources for business support: https://www.startuppercolator.com/ is a site with resources to help innovators with resources and information on protecting their ideas (with or without patent protections).

https://www.uidaho.edu/cbe/enterprises/vandal-solutions and/or https://www.isu.edu/cob/business-resources/bengal-solutions/ provide through the university business schools marketing plans for businesses we also know that our partners at LCSC via the SBDC also can help business with marketing plans.

And, we are always looking at ways we can support innovation and business health in the County.

We are taking Igniting Innovation to a new level; Solidworks has awarded the CCED as an Accelerator program!  So innovators can now access Solidworks for up to six months to use and develop prototypes that can be printed on our 3-D printer. This designation bolsters our efforts to build on our local innovative energy. We look forward to seeing our 3-D printing lab get busy! We are working through the process of making the licenses available… stay tuned!

In partnership with the Clearwater RC&D, SBDC – PTAC and LCSC Outreach we submitted an application to the INL Technology Based Economic Development program to build a workshop series that will provide hands on demonstration and guidance in the world of government and INL contracting.

This pilot concept will build on the typical government contracting workshop and allow participants to get online with expert support in the room to guide them through solicitations issued by federal entities.

During the past month we were involved in supporting several community needs/initiatives:

In Orofino the Blue Cross High 5 Idaho team rolled out to the community data captured through surveys and analysis over the past six months. 

In a community meeting we dissected the data, identified opportunities to develop and build upon to increase/enhance access to healthy food and entice active lifestyles in our youth (of all ages). One of the projects the City is pursuing with ID Transportation Dept. is upgrading sidewalks along US Hwy 12 – an application was submitted for funding to get this effort underway.

In Pierce, the Idaho  Rural Partnership and Blue Cross Foundation came to learn from Pierce-Weippe residents pros/cons of rural health care. We are fortunate to have a clinic in Pierce and one of the many ideas that came out of this conversation were ways to maximize services at the clinic. A small group of folks is continuing a conversation around building more fitness related activities for Pierce-Weippe residents to stay active utilizing the Community Center and School facilities.

Along with our business retention-expansion work we are supporting start-ups. Recently we had turned folks towards MoFi, https://www.mofi.org/,a community based financing organization and in November we learned of an exciting loan being issued to help expand a small business.

As always – have a business need/issue or idea give a call!

Christina St Germaine, Director

Clearwater County Economic Development

PO Box 1826, 217 First Street, Orofino, ID 83544, O 208-476-9829, M 208-827-0845

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