Sheriff Chris Goetz met with the Board of Clearwater County Commissioners to give an update at the Sept. 7 meeting. Sunnyside Complex fire was approximately 500 acres at the time and had burned multiple structures within the complex. Utility crews were currently working at multiple locations trying to get power restored due to a vast number of downed power lines. The Highway 12 MM49 Fire was approximately 100 acres and was threatening structures at the time of the Monday, Sept. 7 Commissioners meeting.

Emergency Management Coordinator Don Gardner presented the Resolution No. 20-08-13 for Disaster Declaration. The Board approved and signed Resolution No. 20-08-13.

The Board received Capital Crimes Defense Fund Election Ballot for the at-large seat. The Board voted for Bob Kunau Commissioner from Cassia County.

Solid Waste Manager Janelle Smith met with the Board to give an update. Smith presented the GeoProfessional Innovation Corporation Contract for the existing Timberline Non-Municipal Solid Waste Landfill activities as well as plans for future operation improvements.

Smith presented the TrashFlow Contract between Ivy Computer, Inc., doing business as and Clearwater County Solid Waste. Trash Billing agrees to use its best efforts to facilitate certain electronic billing services.

The Board approved and signed the GeoProfessional Innovation Corporation Contract and TrashFlow Contract.

Clerk Carrie Bird presented to the Board L-2 County Levies for the Ambulance and County. The Clerk is prepared to certify the levies. The Board approved the certification of the levies as presented by Clerk Carrie Bird.

Clerk Bird presented the Resolution No. 20-09-12 Extension Request for the City of Pierce.

The Board approved and signed Resolution No. 20-09-12.

The Board approved and signed expense and payroll claims.

There was one executive session held to discuss personnel that was exempt from disclosure. Present were Chairman Rick Winkel and Commissioners John Smith and Mike Ryan.

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