Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz provided a report from his department at the July 22 Clearwater County Commissioners meeting. The Board approved and signed the Recreation Boating Safety Grant.

Bill Warren from the Extension Office met with the Board to give an update on the Extension happenings. He gave a list of his Extension & 4-H updates from Feb. 25, 2019 to July 22, 2019.

The Board approved and signed the Findings of Facts for the P&Z decision for a Class C Subdivision application submitted by PotlatchDeltric Land and Lumber, LLC and Class S Subdivision application submitted by Bruce Hahn.

The Board approved and signed expense claims.

Salary claims for the period of 6/16/19-7/13/19 were approved and paid in the following amounts: Current Expense-$78,901.53; Road and Bridge-$24,670.85; Ambulance-$21,405.58; Consolidated Elections-$299.64; Court-$11,818.87; Justice Sheriff-$83,545.40; Justice Jail-$27,639.29; Justice Prosecuting Attorney-$19,072.55; Drug Court-$2,354.48; Social Services-$3,131.20; Parks & Rec Maintenance-$354.96; Revaluation-$8,602.44; E-911-$3,328.00; Solid Waste-$16,217.93; Solid Waste-Timberline-$4,457.67; Weed Control-$4,657.86; Waterways-$7,842.38; Disaster 17-$7,173.95. Total payroll expenses were $325,474.58.

There were three executive sessions held to discuss indigents and personnel that are exempt from disclosure. Present were Chairman Rick Winkel and Commissioners John Smith and Mike Ryan.

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