The Board of Clearwater County Commissioners approved and signed a three year lease extension at their Sept. 24 meeting for the transmitter site (Norton Knob) lease agreement between Neal Johnson and Clearwater County. The Board also approved the lease extension agreement with Neal Johnson and Clearwater County Ambulance District.

The Board approved and signed the Memorandum of Agreement to Support the Community Inventive Program (CIP); the Re-Entry Program (REP) and The Mental Health Program (MHP).

The Board also approved and signed the Memorandum of Agreement between Nez Perce County and Clearwater County for the detainment of juveniles in the Region II Juvenile Detention Center.

Also approved were the By-Laws of the Clearwater-Lewis Counties Board of Community Guardians.

The Board approved by consensus for the Laserfiche Workflow Project.

Clerk Carrie Bird presented the levies to the Board. The Clerk is prepared to certify the levies for the County and taxing districts. Ms. Bird explained how the process works. The Board voted unanimously to approve the certification of the levy as presented by Clerk Carrie Bird.

Clerk Carrie Bird presented a Resolution No. 18-09-14 for the Board to budget process for sufficient funds budgeted in the 2017-2018 budget.

The Board approved and signed the 2018 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) that was presented by Emergency Management Coordinator Don Gardner.

The Board approved with conditions on the Class S & C Subdivisions that were requested by William Crockett.

The Board approved and signed expense and payroll claims.

There were seven executive sessions held to discuss indigents and personnel that are exempt from disclosure. Present were Chairman Don Ebert and Commissioners John Smith and Rick Winkel.

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