It was the middle of the night when the nurse entered my hospital room to take my “vital signs.” With quiet confidence she went through her routine reading and recording various numbers.

As she was about to leave my room she stopped and said, “I’m sorry that I had to awaken you.”

“Oh, you didn’t awaken me.” I replied. “Somehow I can’t fall asleep tonight.”

“Well, have you been saying the Lord’s prayer?” she asked. “You know you’ll do much better praying the Lord’s Prayer than counting all those sheep. And besides, sheep don’t count anyway. Only the Lord does.”

As the door closed behind her, I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer. When I got to the phrase “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” a sense of peace swept over me. As I reflected on those two words-“Your will” – God spoke to me and said, “You know, I never said that you would be spared from the pain and suffering of life. Only that I would be with you and guard you in and through your life’s journey and ‘deliver you from the snare of the fowler.’ In His will we are always safe and secure.

Often the “snares” of the “fowler” appear when we least expect them. He would encourage us to doubt God’s capabilities or care, His concern or compassion. Certainly he would be delighted if we came to the conclusion that our problems are beyond God’s power. Surely he would want us to believe that God has favorites and we are just beyond His grace. But not so! God will protect His own!

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