When I was a little fellow, I caught some “lightning bugs” and sealed them in a jar. It was fun watching their tiny bright lights glow in the dark by my bed.

I woke up early the next morning to see their lights but the glow was gone. The lightning bugs had died.

It is like that with human beings. Some think that happiness and pleasure are synonymous. But it is not a commodity that can be bought. It is a condition.

Others think that happiness and plenty are synonymous. But happiness is not derived from possessions, nor destroyed by poverty. Remember the story of the king who asked for the shirt of the happiest man in his kingdom? They found the man-but he did not have a shirt.

Happiness is not what happens to us, but what happens in us. It is the by-product of a life that is adjusted to the will of God and regulated by the Word of God. Seek God through Christ and let him have his way and you will be happy.

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