The New Testament launches with an eyewitness account of the events of Jesus’ life from Matthew, a former despised tax collector who experienced a radical conversion and became one of Jesus’ own disciples. Matthew’s unique view interweaves his strong Jewish knowledge of the expected Messiah with his personal recollections of the flesh-and-blood Savior. In the process, he reveals the qualifications that prove Jesus was the promised Messiah: His miraculous birth, His response to the test of His kingliness, His inauguration, His miracles, His teachings, and His public ministry. Matthew confirms Jesus’ deity and proves He is the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world. Our study uses the MacArthur Bible Studies book,

Matthew; the coming of the King, a 12-lesson study based on the MacArthur Bible Study. The book provides examination of the 28 chapters of Matthew, with extensive commentary, observations and truths for today. There are extra optional reading studies on each chapter. Come join us as we study The Coming of the King. The study is for a small group of women. No matter who you are or where you’ve been, this study is for you. You don’t need any religious training or previous Study to participate in this journey. Modern-day believers in Jesus Christ can learn much from Matthew in their journey toward greater intimacy with God.

The study meets once a week for a two-hour group session that guides us to discuss and apply what they learned during the week’s study.  We look forward to seeing you at this study beginning, Wednesday, July 28, at the First Baptist Church, 291 118th street, Orofino. If you are unable to attend all the sessions please come when you can and join in the fellowship. The study will begin at 10 a.m. and ends by 12 noon. For more information contact the church at 476-5412 or Adeline Holmgren 619 889-9461.

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