This time of the year is the time that we celebrate the waiting for the arrival of God’s answer to centuries of prayer. We celebrate the wait for Jesus. For us, if the wait is long, then we sure hope that the wait is worth it. 

For over four hundred years God had not been sending messages to the Jewish people as he had done from time to time throughout their history. Some have referred to this time as a dry spell or perhaps a time of silence. 

During this time the Jewish people had already learned a lesson of staying away from non-Jewish religions. Their mistake had cost them, most of the country being killed, or deported from their land for several decades. Prior to Jesus birth, the country had been occupied by foreign powers which came with the exposure to the worship of foreign gods.  The people were praying for relief that only God could bring, while God appeared to be silent.

Nearly 700 years before Jesus, God had sent the message to the Jews that a young woman would give birth to a son who would rise to bring relief to God’s people (Isa. 9:1-7). When the time was right the announcement came to a young Jewish woman that she would become pregnant and her son would bring salvation from God.

As we face things in our lives that have us waiting, let us take encouragement from those who also have waited. 

Even though we would like to take charge of God’s schedule, we cannot. God is never early or late with divine actions. Let us get right with God, be faithful to God, help others who are waiting, and pass these things on. The wait is worth it.

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