We have a sense of satisfaction when we encounter perfection. As we place our order with a fast food place, we may be surprised or even upset with an untimely delivery of our order. With any type of food order we may be dissatisfied if it is not what was ordered. In other words we like to have things perfect.

The demand for perfection is common. We would prefer to not even think about food orders, or to think when we ask for directions to a product in a store. We would not like to be annoyed by a lack of perfection.

Perfection is particularly good when others have it. Of course, not everyone else is perfect. This allows us to use our anti-social media to put others in their place when they do not attain our expected level of perfection.

What happens when someone accuses us of not being perfect? We can either agree with them, and say that we should be given some slack (after all, we are only human), or we can go on the attack, and say that they are not perfect, so they have no basis on which to make a proper evaluation of us.

Both are right. We are not perfect and they are not perfect. Grow. We can become better and better, getting ever closer to perfection. At the same time, we can remain humble knowing that imperfection plagues the human condition. Anyone who maintains that they do not have any place to grow towards perfection has a lack of truth in their core.

Those belonging to Jesus can, of course, pray. We have an opportunity to grow in our faith as we seek to be perfect even as our Father in Heaven is perfect. We also have a chance to develop more forgiveness, patience, love.

Isn’t it great that people are not perfect! Without our diverse set of strengths and weaknesses we would not have the same opportunity to show the love of Jesus to others as we live out the implications of the gospel.


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