Our fast paced lifestyles demand instant gratification. We expect the good things to arrive shortly. When the good does not come our way as we think that it should we get frustrated and usually start looking for someone to blame.

As we consider the life of Job, there was no instant gratification. There would not be any instant gratification for bereavement, although a person could hope for relief from physical suffering. Job had to endure the pain that he faced until God was able to help Job gain a needed insight.

The children of Israel were slaves in Egypt for years. As the burden of their labor became heavier, their prayers for relief became more urgent. There was no instant gratification. For decade after decade it seemed as though God was not going to hear their plea. It was at the right time that God chose to send relief.

Sometimes God answers our prayers without giving us what we have in mind. Sometimes God sends us what is best. If we need patient endurance that is what God sends us. 

Does this mean that God doesn’t care for us when we don’t get what we want? Absolutely not! We are not able to understand like God understands. We are not able to care for ourselves as much as God is able to love and care for us. God looks out for what we really need and sometimes that doesn’t look like what we would think would be in our best interest.

It is tough being a Christian when we try to be the Lord. It does not work. As we follow our Lord and Savior let us thank God for the times in which we receive patient endurance.

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