Paul the apostle wrote a letter to encourage Christians to put on spiritual armor so that they may be prepared to stand when the day of evil comes. We are not familiar with knights in their armor as part of our daily experience. Most of us are not used to seeing warriors dressing in their gear from head to foot and arming themselves.

We might be more familiar with people going on a hike. When someone goes out into the wilderness the advice that may come in handy is to take a water bottle or fill a canteen. So if Paul were to be giving the same advice to us today that he gave in that letter, it might sound more like “Fill your canteen, a dry spell is coming.”

There are two kinds of Christians at this point. Those who are fully prepared such as a fully dressed soldier is fully armored, or there are the unprepared who leave themselves open and vulnerable. There are those with a full canteen of refreshing water or those who do not have that full canteen of water.

There is only so much room in a canteen. Those who seek God’s life giving water will fill their canteens with that, but those who seek the things of this world will put parts of that in their canteen. They may end up with a canteen half filled with sandy bits of this world. How a person fills their canteen will have a consequence in how they will get through the dry spell.

Dry spells come from time to time. Sometimes we can anticipate the times of challenge. Most of the time difficulties that interrupt our lives take us by surprise. It is best to decide to be prepared.

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