People who work in the sciences are to be honored. Those who dedicate their efforts to our well-being have made a difference in our lives. Not only scientists from the past need that honor such as Galileo, Mendel, and Faraday, but also those who are working today. 

The sciences do a good job of answering the big questions of “what” and “how,” but the question of “who” is typically not addressed.  That is not an ordinary focus of science since the scientific method depends upon people replicating experiments. By definition a person may not use God as an element in an experiment.

If a very rich or powerful person were to come into the room to interact with the people, and we were to ignore them completely that would be rude. It would be more of an offence if that person had spent a lot of effort doing good for us. We would, in effect, be ignoring who that person was. We would be saying that they had no significance. 

I am not perfect. The church is not perfect. None of us is perfect. When we ignore God (I am including myself and the church in this statement) we are missing the mark. At that point we are off course. We need to change.

God gives us a choice then, to either change and to be right, or to continue to be wrong.   We can either change our attitude and behavior to do the right thing, or continue to ignore the important person in the room.

Sometimes this is not easy at all.  It takes faith. The wonderful thing about this, though, is that God is present and willing to help those who honor God and earnestly are seeking to do right towards God.

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