There are different types of people.  Blame-casters believe that they are perfect.  If a fault is pointed out, they throw the blame on someone else. Adam and Eve did this. 

Some disagree with God about what is right and wrong.  Cain was like this. 

There are others who disregard God completely.   The wife of Hosea may have been like this. 

There are also selfless people who are dedicated to following God.

In the time of the writing of the New Testament issues facing the church included whether or not a non-Jew had to become a Jew in order to be a Christian. 

There were other issues such as how much contact is allowed with worship of false gods when a Christian is going about their normal daily activities. How do you figure out what to do if there is a difficult decision to be made?

When determining how to proceed with decisions, the church gathered and started with an attitude of humility.  They sought to hear from God about the matter at hand.  Each one had their own view point about what should happen.  God alone knew what would be the best way.  They each set their own agendas aside to wait on God.

As the church and individuals today we face the same problem of figuring out what to do, whether it is in the area of sexuality, ministries, finances, or worship styles. Let us not follow the mistakes that some have followed.  They have gathered like-minded people who make a party and then claim that they have God’s backing for their point of view. 

Let us, instead, rely on the consensus of the faithful as it agrees with Scripture and the Holy Spirit.

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