How could a toddler survive a slaughter targeting everyone in his town and surrounding area who was like him? Were his parents powerful or very well connected? Did they have a secret society that helped them? Was it luck in timing with a series of events that would normally take place anyway?

How thorough was the massacre? It was ordered by the ruler of the area who had already ordered the execution of some of his own family. People feared him. His power was unchallenged. He would not have anything to do with the parents of the toddler. (These parents were just ordinary people). There were no secret societies that could outwit the wishes of the ruler. These parents were on their own.

Although the family hailed from a distant region of the country they were in the area of the capitol when the baby was born. The family settled into life there in the town in the capitol region finding a house to stay in. It appears as if they were in no hurry to move back to the remote part of the country.

Special foreign guests showed up, having come from an audience with the ruler. These guests worshiped the toddler presenting costly gifts to him. Then they departed directly to their home without checking back with the ruler.

In the middle of the night the man of the house packed up his wife and the toddler and left town. He did not return to the far region of the country. Instead they fled to a foreign country in the opposite direction.

After a short while the ruler ordered the execution of all of the boys in that town who were two years old or less. Jesus wasn’t among them.

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